Weld Coupon Station

Weld Coupon Station Basic

E.H. Wachs Weld Coupon Station is a self contained tool designed for machining weld preps onto ordinary pre-cut pipe sections, creating weld ready coupons. The Coupon Station will machine virtually any prep including bevels, compound bevels and J-preps on carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and aluminum pipe and tubing.

The Coupon Station allows you to utilize ordinary pipe to create your own practice coupons at a significant cost savings over purchasing ready to weld units. In addition to educating students on proper weld prep machining procedures, it allows you to reuse your coupons multiple times. Simply use your saw to cut the coupon in half, and then re-prep the cut end with the Coupon Station.

With the optional mandrel assembly (included in the Deluxe model), it will counterbore from 2.75” to 6.63” I.D. (69.9 – 168.4mm). It’s capable of handling all common coupon sizes up to “Super Coupons” with 2.75” O.D. (69.9mm) and 5/8” wall (15.9mm) and, with optional accessories, up to 6” (DN150) Schedule 80.



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