Weld Crown Removal

Weld crown removal is the process of removing the raised weld crown flush with the pipe surface. In Power Generation and other industries weld crowns often require machining to meet in service inspection regulations, or surface finish and profile requirements. In Pipeline applications the weld crown may need to be removed for procedures like clamp installation. E.H. Wachs cold-cutting machining process precisely removes the raised weld crown without creating heat or sparks, while preserving the native pipe material and weld integrity.

Wachs WCR Weld Crown Removal Module for the DynaPrep MDSF provides a low clearance solution for removing pipe weld crown in the field or fab shop. This module attaches to the DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame tool slide mounting points without any modifications needed. The WCR advances the tooling axially as the MDSF, serving as the platform, rotates radially. Offering up to 6.25 inches (158mm) of axial stroke, Wachs weld crown removal module (WCR) leaves a smooth, machined weld finish ready for inspection.