Product Overview

E.H. Wachs manufactures a wide array of portable, powered weld prep machine tools and accessories designed for use by the professional field machinist. The complete lineup of Wachs equipment, with most available as factory rentals, includes three ranges of split frames with the SDSF, DynaPrep™ MDSF and LDSF available in sizes to cover a full .5in to 120in (DN15-1500) OD range of tube, pipe or vessels.

The DynaPrep MDSF Modular Design Split Frames line is designed to fit pipe OD sizes from 2in to 72in OD (DN50-1800). Building on the strength of its predecessor the LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame, the MDSF redefines the category of split frame, clamshell type pipe cutter/bevelers with more power, more features, greater ease of use, and the option for true remote control across all three drive types, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

The DynaPrep is flanked by the SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame for diameters ranging from .5in to 6in (DN15-150), and by the LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame for larger diameters (60in to 120in or DN1500-6000). The combination of these three product lines, along with their advanced accessories, combines to form the industry’s most complete portable field machining system.

As the foundation of our portable machining system, Wachs split frames can be configured to cut, bevel, cut and bevel simultaneously, counterbore, face, record grove, remove socket welds, perform chipless cutting, trepanning, and cut casings externally and internally for wellhead completion, to name just a few. Bring us your toughest application - we probably have a machine for it.

In addition to building the most comprehensive line of split frames offered anywhere, E.H. Wachs equipment include our famous Guillotine reciprocating pipe saws (commonly known as the “Wachs Saw”) and the Trav-L-Cutter, industry favorites that continue to fill the needs of professionals around the globe. ID mounted end prep machine tools include our class leading EP 424 with its unique, SpeedPrep™ autofeed system, and the proven SDB series that can be converted to FF series flange facers. Wachs RS-2 (Rising Stem) and P-2 (Pow-R-Drive) handheld valve operators return with new options for control and monitoring of valve activity.

Built to world class standards under ISO 9001, Wachs weld prep machine tools, accessories and consumables are available for purchase or rent when and where you need them at our regional Sales, Service and Rental Centers. For longer term projects, ask about our innovative WachsBox™ program, a pre-stocked Conex that remains onsite while active machining is in progress.