Flange Facing with DynaPrep MDSF

E.H. Wachs FFC and FFR flange facing modules expand the capabilities of our DynaPrep MDSF machining system in flange facing. Used on flat face, raised face, and for making RTJ ring grooves, these advanced designs include state-of-the-art features. Both the FFC and FFR utilizes the DynaPrep MDSF as the machining platform, and each is sold as a kit with a single head.  Optionally, you can order a second head to speed the facing operations as shown here.

The FFC Flange Facing Cantilever module for the DynaPrep MDSF allows precision (FF) flat face and (RF) raised face flange facing operations such as bolt hole resurfacing, record grooving, and RTJ ring type joint groove form tooling and restoration. Able to work on the full range of DynaPrep MDSF line, the FFC Module allows a full reach into the flange surface on flanges 22in (564mm) in diameter and smaller, a 13.6in (345mm) reach into flanges up to 46.4in (1179mm), and a 13in reach on 45.6in-58.4in flanges (1158-1483mm).  

Wachs FFR Flange Facing Rail slide module for DynaPrep MDSF allows (FF) flat face and (RF) raised face flange facing operations across the entire diameter of the flange. The FFR module can be used for multilevel flange resurfacing, bolt hole facing, record grooving and RTJ ring type joint milling and restoration. Providing an axial feed rate in inches per revolution of .006-.048in, with a 2in axial travel, and radial feed rate of .003-.048in per revolution with a radial travel of 3.5-60in depending on the setup, every inch of the surface is reachable.

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