Oil & Petrochemical Refinery Machine Tools

Oil & Petrochemical Refining

E.H. Wachs is a pioneer in weld preparation products designed and built to serve the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. In 1949 a large natural gas supplier looked to us for a safer way to cut and bevel their pipelines prior to welding. This lead to the introduction of the revolutionary Wachs Trav-L-Cutter, a pioneering “cold cutting” machine tool that simultaneously cut and beveled as the machine drove itself around the pipe.

Today E.H. Wachs manufactures the finest in pipe and tube cutting, beveling and facing products. We offer unrivaled product availability, complete technical support and a localized network of factory Sales, Service and Rental Centers. Products include portable cold cutting and beveling machine tools, I.D. and O.D. mounted flange facing products, handheld valve operators and related tooling and accessories.

Wachs machine tools are used extensively in oil and petrochemical refining, terminals, oil fields, tank farms, loading facilities, heat exchanger fabrication and repair and wherever pipe, valves, tees or flanges are used. All our products are designed and built to world class standards under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. 

Products for oil & petrochem refining include the DynaPrep MDSF split frame for pipe cutting, beveling and counterboring. It's the foundation of a complete machining system, for example by adding optional modules the MDSF makes an excellent flange facer for raised, flat face and RTJ types. For large diameter vessels the LDSF large diameter split frame is ideal for sectioning to facilitate refurbishing.

Wachs handheld P-2 and RS-2 valve operators and exercisers are designed for powered turning of valves, handwheel valves and raised stem valves, with safety, speed and convienience in mind. These powerful handhelds spares the arm and back injuries associated with manually attempting to turn large, stubborn or frozen industrial valves.