Drive Motors

Drive Motors

E.H. Wachs offers pneumatic (air), hydraulic and electric drive motor options, for delivering the power and durability necessary to drive the DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame to its full form tooling, single pointing, and cutting and beveling potential.

Many Wachs machines can be operated with multiple drive types, while others are designed for a single or specialized drive type. Whichever machine you purchase or rent, OD or ID mounted, Wachs has the optimum power solution for your application.

Pneumatic power is the first choice of most field machinists, and delivers an initial higher torque at slower operating speeds.

Hydraulic Power while not delivering the maximum torque of some pneumatic drives, consistently delivers a uniform torque, regardless of the speed.

Electric Power is useful in circumstances where hydraulic and pneumatic drive options are not practical, or where electricity is already provided on site.