Trav-L-Cutter® SD Upgrade Kits

Trav-L-Cutter SD
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Cost Effective Way to Upgrade, Repair or Refurbish
your existing Trav-L-Cutter

The Trav-L-Cutter SD is the latest in a long line of portable pipe milling machine tools. Recently redesigned for extreme climates and duty cycles, it features upgraded components designed to increase the life of the machine. Since many Trav-L-Cutters are in use around the globe, for existing Trav-L-Cutter owners we're excited to present the Trav-L-Cutter SD Upgrade Kit for both air and hydraulic models.

The Trav-L-Cutter SD Upgrade Kit includes the upgraded, major internal components of the Trav-L-Cutter SD (minus the drive motors), that can be installed in your existing machine to give it a fresh lease on life. Far cheaper than a Trav-L-Cutter SD, even less expensive than individual replacement parts, it’s the ideal way to bring your machine up to the latest SD specification.

While these kits are for performing the upgrade onsite, factory installation is also available.

Image Description Application Part #
Trav-L-Cutter® SD Upgrade Kit Pneumatic Description: Trav-L-Cutter® SD Upgrade Kit Pneumatic Application: Part #: 02-5000-01

Trav-L-Cutter® SD Upgrade Kit Hydraulic Description: Trav-L-Cutter® SD Upgrade Kit Hydraulic Application: Part #: 02-5000-02