Trav-L-Cutter® SD Upgrade Kit Pneumatic

Trav L Cutter SD E Upgrade Hero

If your existing Trav-L-Cutter Model E is in need of repair, or you are looking to bring your existing machine up to the newest Trav-L-Cutter Super Duty specification, Wachs offers the Trav-L-Cutter Super Duty (TLC SD) Upgrade Kit for select Model E Pneumatic machine tools.

Upgraded Components

The Wachs TLC SD Upgrade Kit includes the major internal assemblies, including the spindle cutter drive and feed drive, needed to upgrade your Wachs Trav-L-Cutter to the newest SD specification at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

These internal components for the Trav-L-Cutter deliver longer life and superior performance, allowing it to run cooler for longer periods in extreme climates. This greatly expanded duty cycle is why the newest version of the Trav-L-Cutter, and the Upgrade Kit, is dubbed “Super Duty”.

Offered for both pneumatic and hydraulic Trav-L-Cutter models, the SD Upgrade Kits include:

  • A newly redesigned, larger and more robust cutter spindle gearbox assembly, with cast in place cooling fins and special heat-dissipating coating.
  • Four new spindle assembly replacement compression springs
  • New design feed drive assembly with cast in cooling fins, chain tensioner and revised drive ratios
  • New longer chain and master link, designed for use with the new feed system assembly with chain tensioner
  • New spindle and feed system housings come prefilled with long lasting synthetic fluid
  • New heavy duty overload coupling connecting the secondary air motor to the feed drive, designed to accommodate the machines increased duty cycle
  • New air manifold (on Model E Pneumatic kits) to apportion the air supply more efficiently between the larger spindle primary air motor and the smaller secondary feed drive air motors
  • All required installation hardware 

Included Components

  • Cutter spindle gearbox assembly, prefilled
  • Cutter spindle gearbox replacement compression springs
  • Feed drive gearbox assembly, prefilled
  • Feed drive gearbox chain and master link
  • Heavy duty overload coupling
  • Upgrade air manifold (Pneumatic kit only)
  • Required installation hardware
  • USB drive video installation instructions

Optional Components

  • Replacement or additional sections mounting/drive chain
  • Replacement synthetic gear oil
  • Genuine Wachs Tooling
  • Replacement or Refurbishing of Primary or Secondary drive motors

Installation Options

While these kits are designed for installation by a mechanic or technician, factory installation service is available as an extra cost option. The installation of the TLC SD upgrade kit offers a virtually new machine, apart from the drive motors (which are reused).  It is a highly cost effective way to rehabilitate older Trav-L-Cutters, and bring functioning machines up to the newest machine specification.

For additional Information

For additional details on the TLC SD Upgrade Kit, and to confirm your Trav-L-Cutter is compatible with the TLC SD Retrofit Kit ask your local Wachs representative (information available in the contact menu above), call the factory at +1-847-537-8800 or contact us online.