Wachs Tooling

Genuine Wachs Tooling

A key contributor to the superior performance of E.H. Wachs cutting and beveling machines is the quality of our tooling. Precisely engineered and fabricated from super high-strength materials, Genuine Wachs Tooling is designed for today’s higher speeds, heavier feed rates, and exotic materials. The result is precise cuts, longer tool life and maximum productivity. Our tooling offers better value than imitation or universal tooling, as its made specifically for our machines to fit perfectly, hold an edge longer and be resharpened multiple times. 

E.H. Wachs Tooling is manufactured specifically to meet the needs of portable machining. Wachs designs and manufactures our tooling with the profiles and finishes required for either form tooling or single point machining. 

E.H. Wachs DuoEdge Insert Tooling is a system of portable machine tool holders and inserts designed to replace larger, more expensive traditional single edge tooling. It offers considerable cost savings over traditional tooling without sacrificing the longevity of the cutting edge or the quality of the finished prep. DuoEdge insert tool bits are ground to a super smooth finish, reducing friction for longer tooling life.

DuoEdge utilizes reusable tooling holders where the user “inserts” a small, replaceable tool bit that has dual cutting edges. When the first cutting edge is worn away, the insert is rotated 180 degrees to the second cutting edge. When the second cutting edge is worn away, the insert is discarded and a new insert installed.

At Wachs we understand all aspects of portable machining, and realize tooling is a critical component in the process. We have decades of experience manufacturing the best performing, longest lasting tooling for our machines, with products for most applications and customized tooling manufactured to order. To maintain the peak performance of your E.H. Wachs equipment, be sure to specify Genuine Wachs Tooling.