In an era of restricted travel, or when long distances are a concern, the need to gather information to support vital projects to keep them on schedule and on budget is an ongoing and dynamic challenge. To help bridge this gap, we created the Wachs@Work platform, our new, fully interactive video conferencing capabilities. Wachs@Work allows us to bring you live, in real time:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Training Sessions
  • Product In-servicing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Support, and more

Permanently setup at our E.H. Wachs Lincolnshire, IL headquarters, the Wachs@Work studio uses 4K HD cameras, green screens and advanced mixing controls that makes it seem as if we are standing in front of you, or that you’re present in our facilities.  It allows our users to converse with us in real time, to see in detail what is being presented, to ask questions, to stop and double back - a far richer, immersive, and more customized experience than simply watching YouTube videos or typing into a chat sessions. We can even share technical documents, PowerPoint presentations, recorded video, and more, right on the live feed.

These Wachs@Work video conferences can be recorded in their entirety and shared to serve as a tool for others in your organization, or as a future point of reference.  Wachs@Work is one of the most complete and comprehensive ways to fully engage our valued users today and in the future, helping us all succeed in these challenging times in the marketplace.

To schedule a session customized to your needs contact your local Wachs representative, call us at +1-847-537-8800, or email us at sales@ehwachs.com