SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters/Bevelers

SDSF Split Frame

The Wachs SDSF is a pipe-cutting and beveling tool used by pipefitters and welders in weld preparation for industrial pipe.  E.H. Wachs SDSF Small Diameter Split Frames are the smallest and most compact member of the Wachs split frame family of pipe cutters, and are designed for cutting, beveling and counterboring pipe and tubing from .5 inch - 6 inch O.D. (DN15-150). Like all our split frame, clamshell style machines the DynaPrep SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame is designed to “split” in half to fit over inline pipe, or can be slipped closed over open ended pipe. Six models are available in 1 inch (25.4mm) increments, with additional sizes available by special order.

The Wachs SDSF is ideal anywhere pipe and tube are installed in tight places, including pipe racks and pressure vessels. They can be found in power generation facilities, oil and gas and shipbuilding. The SDSF operates on air or electric power using standard Wachs motors and adaptors, and is part of a complete system that includes a broad range of tool slides and accessories for maximum versatility. As with all E.H. Wachs products, the DynaPrep Small Diameter Split Frame is built with our legendary quality and durability for years of reliable service. 

DynaPrep SDSF Applications

E.H. Wachs DynaPrep SDSF split frame clamshell machine tools are the foundation of a complete small diameter pipe and tube machining system that performs a wide range of field machining applications. DynaPrep SDSF weld prep machine tools can perform precision inline pipe cutting, squaring of pipe ends, and destructive cutting on corroded or damaged pipe and tubing.

A pipe cutter by definition, the DynaPrep SDSF pipe and tube cutting machine can simultaneously cut and bevel inline pipe. With its compact dimensions, the SDSF is optimized for low clearance environments, ideal for cutting of pipe in pipe racks for example, or anywhere the envelope for pipe and tube cutting is restricted. Highly versatile, additional modules are available that mount without modification to the standard SDSF ring set.

Wachs DynaPrep SDSF can act as a pipe beveler, beveling inline pipe, open pipe ends and chamfering open ended pipe. In applications where a compound bevel is required, the DynaPrep can act as a compound beveler, beveling with form tools (where the tooling has the finished profile).

Going far beyond basic cutting and beveling capability, the DynaPrep SDSF is the basis of Wachs socket weld removal system. Designed to remove couplers and elbows from existing piping systems by machining away the joining weld material, there are two models.  For axial weld removal, the tooling is advanced in line with the pipe axis. For radial socket weld removal, the socket weld material is removed by a radial plunge design that cuts away the socket weld. Additionally a FME Foreign Material Exclusion chipless wheel cutting module is available for the SDSF. This is designed for applications where the introduction of chip debris cannot be tolerated.


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