Air Treatment & Control

ACM Air Control Module

E.H. Wachs offers multiple solutions for air treatment and control, designed to protect valuable air drive motors from damage caused by improperly treated air. The simplest is the Air Treatment Caddy (ATC) which includes filter, lubricator and regulator components designed to dry and filter the air supply and lubricate the air motor and machine components.

The Air Treatment Module (ATM) provides air treatment capability for Wachs pneumatic powered split frames and end prep machines. The ATM is newly improved, and is now housed in a lightweight yet durable self contained storage and transport case designed to keep the unit secure for proper operation, and to protect it in shipping and storage.

Wachs Air Control Module (ACM) adds remote control capability with air treatment and lubrication for Wachs pneumatic powered split frames, plus SDB and EP 424 series end prep machines. The ACM features remote control which allows operations up to 16 feet (4.8 m) away, greatly reducing operator fatigue. The ACM is self contained in a wheeled, water resistant case

Wachs air treatment devices operate solely on compressed air and are extremely portable, simple to set up and easy to use at any job site. Connects using the popular "Chicago" style fitting. All devices include air regulator to control pressure spikes. Recommended for all air motors lacking integrated lubrication, also used to help dry air supply to minimize air motor freezing.


  • All air design - no other power source required
  • Models available in caddy, cased and wheeled styles
  • Operates Wachs pneumatic powered split frames and end prep machines
  • ATC fulfills basic air treatment and lubrication needs
  • ATM includes the same filters, regulators and oilers in the same self contained case as the ACM
  • ACM features lockable, self contained case with air logic and remote control pendant, CE compliant
  • ACM with Trip includes air logic, remote pendant and MDSF pnuematic remote control trip, CE compliant


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