Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Machine Tools

Natural Gas Distribution

Natural gas pipeline distribution systems are vital infrastructure necessary to the efficient delivery of natural gas to consumers. Three major types of pipelines are found along the transportation route, bringing natural gas from the point of production to the point of use: gathering, transmission and distribution.

Gathering pipeline systems gather raw natural gas from production wells, and transport it to large cross-country transmission pipelines. Gathering lines generally are smaller diameters, ranging from 2 to 8 inches (DN50-200). Transmission pipeline systems transport gas long distances at high pressures (often 200-1500 psi) from processing facilities to distribution facilities. Transmission pipelines are somewhat larger diameters, generally ranging from 6 to 48 inches (DN150-1200).

Natural gas distribution pipeline systems distribute natural gas to homes and businesses through large distribution lines mains and service lines. Distribution pipelines are the network of mains and service lines that move natural gas at relatively low pressures to individual homes and businesses.

E.H. Wachs builds portable powered equipment and accessories specifically for natural gas pipeline MRO activities and applications, including our DynaPrep MDSF Pipeline Series split frames for cutting, beveling, and counterboring (transitions and tapers). All Wachs equipment uses the safer, proven cold cutting machining method, rather than the less precise and potentially dangerous hot torch and grinding.

Other tools for gas transmission & distribution lines include the Trav-L-Cutter pipe cutter and beveler, a milling machine tool that rotates around its mounting chain and can handle a wide range of diameters by adding chain sections, and the Guillotine pipe saws (popularly called the Wachs Saw) often specified for destructive cutting.

E.H. Wachs also manufactures the bestselling P-2 and RS-2 (for rising stem valves) handheld valve operators and exercisers with pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive options for maintaining the pipeline valves in these delivery systems.

Our Wachs Utility Products division offers other products to support these gathering, transmission and distribution pipeline systems including hydro excavation trailer systems for keyhole removal of debris from valve boxes, valve nut repair kits, dewatering and trash pumps for clearing debris, discharge hoses, hydraulic breakers, and identification systems for valves.