HPU-20 20HP Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

Other Industrial Products

E.H. Wachs offers a wide range of machine tools built for specialized applications outside of pipe cutting and general weld preps. These machines, with their applications, include: 

  • ATM Air Treatment Modules - E.H. Wachs offers multiple solutions for air treatment and control, designed to protect valuable air drive motors from damage caused by improperly treated air. 
  • ECC External Casing Cutter – air or hydraulic powered DynaPrep MDSF based machine and tooling to simultaneously cut and chamfer the external casing or conductor for wellhead completion prior to BOP installation. Compatiable with most common casing sizes, the ECC can be operated tool slides up or inverted with tool slides down for cuts close to the flange.
  • EICC External Internal Casing Cutter - for wellhead completion prior to BOP installation, utilizes a ECC casing cutter mounted around the O.D. to externally cut the outer casing; the ECC is also used as a drive platform for the I.D. cutting head that internally cuts and chamfers the casing down to 60in (1524mm) below the wellhead.
  • Wachs Electric HD Drive - Wachs Electric HD Drive represents the pinnacle of precision electric drive motors. Built using German manufactured Eibenstock electric motors as their foundation, Wachs Electric HD drive motors are compact yet powerful, and perfectly matched to drive our DynaPrep MDSF Split Frames and other equipment.
  • Milling Machines - a dedicated OD mounted milling solution as an alternative to Wachs single point, lathe based machines, these lightweight Exchanger Mills were built with the end user in mind. Designed to machine pass partitions and pass grooves on tube heat exchangers, they are available in sizes of 3.5 feet (42 inch), 4 feet (48 inch), 6 feet (72 inch) and 8 feet (96 inch).
  • Wachs Servo Drive Electric - SDE is a high powered, smooth and efficient electric drive system that’s an alternative to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic drives for larger machine tools. Consisting of the power supply, remote control pendant with a maintenance free, moisture and dust resistant AC high inertia brushless servo motor.
  • Test and Isolation Tools - These tools are designed to provide an isolation barrier on localized field repairs and modification, allowing the end user to isolate, monitor, and vent hydrocarbon vapors to a safe area when performing welded connections or making repairs in hot work areas. In addition they are used to test higher pressures needed in the Oil & Gas industry. 
  • Weld Coupon Station – a weld coupon is a small section of pipe used by welding students to practice weld preps and pipe welding. Wachs Weld Coupon Station is the perfect machine for union halls, community colleges or welding vocational schools to quickly create perfect practice coupons, potentially saving thousands on coupons.