EICC External Internal Casing Cutter

Wachs EICC External Internal Casing Cutter Kit is designed to cut and chamfer the casing internally below the wellhead, required for specific BOP installations. It is used in combination with an ECC Kit which makes the external cut required before installing the EICC. Once the external cut is made, the MDSF split frame from the ECC Kit serves as the drive platform for the EICC.

A wellhead adaptor is required to mount the MDSF, either our universal adapter or a custom adapter built to your specifications, which serves as the mounting point between the wellhead and the MDSF. The EICC is assembled to the MDSF and lowered into the casing, and can be configured to cut down to a depth of 60in (1524mm). A reversing air motor is required and part of the EICC Kit, run forward to advance the tooling, then backwards to retract the tooling prior to extraction and completion.

  • Internal casing cuts from 7in (179mm) to 13 3/8in (340mm) casings
  • Configurable to cut to an internal depth of 60in (1524mm)
  • Used in conjunction with DynaPrep MDSF based ECC External Casing Cutter
  • Requires universal or custom wellhead adaptor, sold separately


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