Product Financing

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For purchasers looking to finance their equipment purchases, E.H. Wachs recommends Centra Funding LLC, an optional third party direct lender committed to providing a simple, quick, and competitive equipment financing solution. 

Centra Funding, LLC (also known as “4 Hour Funding”) is a nationwide equipment finance company based in Plano, TX, with offices across the United States. Centra is committed to offering a fast and simple finance solution that allows small businesses to acquire equipment easily. With over 40 years of industry experience, Centra finances businesses in almost every industry sector. Our direct-lending capabilities allow us to provide innovative and flexible options for customers’ equipment financing needs.

Centra is a true funding company, that uses its own funds for every transaction. Enabled by our technology, due diligence process, and strong equity and credit facilities, approval of credit and equipment financing can be done in the same day, getting businesses the financing they need, when they need it. Our proprietary processing system allows for a prompt credit decision on applications and the delivery of electronic documents which customers can sign on a mobile device.

For additional information about Product Financing available through Centra Funding, please download their Equipment Financing Guide by clicking on the document button below. To go direct to the Centra Funding portal for E.H. Wachs, for an application or to learn more, click here:  Centra Funding E.H. Wachs Portal