HPU-20 20HP Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Units

E.H. Wachs hydraulic power units are the ideal choice for smooth, reliable hydraulic power, in the shop or in the field. Powered by gasoline, diesel, or electric with your choice of cart, trailer or skid mounting there’s a unit to fit your exact pressure and flow needs.

Hydraulic power units (HPUs) pack more power in less space than any other source. Because they’re completely sealed, hydraulics are the perfect choice for partial immersion, offshore use, the desert and other difficult environments. No matter which unit you choose, every model offers rugged reliability, convenience and perfect flow and pressure delivery. Wachs light and medium duty cart mounted units offer maximum portability and a compact footprint. All cart models feature collapsible handles and sturdy tires, and can be easily converted to skid mount. Gasoline and diesel powered models come standard with low engine oil shut off devices.

Wachs electric powered models are ideal for indoor use. The heavy duty, electric powered 440V Wachs HPU-20 is the superior choice for power plants, fabrication shops and contractor sites where a powerful, smooth, continuous power source is needed to operate Wachs hydraulic machinery, as well as other types of hydraulic equipment.

Specialized units to meet unique customer requirements are available by special order including the HPU-20GY 20HP electric motor driven hydrostatic glycol hydraulic power unit with motor and pump optimized for use with water based glycol 95/5 (replacing hydraulic oil), for applications where oil use is contraindicated.