HCM-3E4 15HP 440V Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

HCM-3E2 15HP Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

Cart mounted 15 HP 440-480V 60Hz (IP44 rated) 3-phase electric motor driven hydraulic power unit, with electric motor switch and oil cooler. Rated for 15 GPM @ 1500 PSI (57 LPM @ 103 BAR). Hydraulic system is self-contained with reservoir, filtration and level indicator, ships without fluids. Also available with 15 HP 415-440V 50Hz (IP44 rated) 3 phase electric motor, part number 14-000-28.

E.H. Wachs portable hydraulic power units are the ideal choice for smooth, reliable hydraulic power, in the shop or in the field. Hydraulic power units (HPUs) pack more power in less space than any other power source, and because the supply is completely sealed they’re the best choice for partial immersion, offshore and subsea use, the desert and other difficult environments. Powered by gasoline, diesel, or electric with your choice of cart, trailer, truck or skid mounting, there’s a unit to fit your exact pressure and flow requirements.


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