Pipe Cutting & Beveling

Pipe cutting and beveling are two of the more common tasks field machinists perform. Wachs split frames (or clamshells) are capable of cutting (parting), double parting (utilizing two cutting blades) or simultaneous cutting and beveling. Fast and extremely precise, Wachs split frames are available in models to handle from .5 inch to 120 inches (DN25-3000) OD and can be configured to bevel, compound bevel, and create J-Preps with specific radius and precise lands.

Other choices for cutting and/or beveling are the Trav-L-Cutter, a milling machine that rotates around the pipe on its mounting chain. Although slower and less precise than split frames, it offers the advantage of fitting any OD by simply adding more mounting chain sections.  Another option is the Guillotine series of reciprocating pipe saws, often known as the Wachs Saw. These are often specified for destructive cutting, or where precision is not the primary consideration, but are very rugged and able to cut a wide range of materials.

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