Weld Preparation

Pipeline at Refinery

Weld preparation or weld prep is a general term that encompasses a wide range of activities. Weld prep is both a verb and a noun - as a verb it refers to preparing the end of industrial tubing and pipe prior to welding, as a noun it describes the finished result.

Unlike typical household and low-pressure utility piping, most industrial pipe is welded, although there are specific applications where sleeves are used for joining sections. A properly executed weld prep and weld is as strong as or stronger than the native pipe material. This is a vital consideration in high-pressure applications such as steam lines used in power generation, or where hazardous or combustible products are transported as in the oil and gas industry.

All Wachs machine tools use a cold cutting machining process for weld prepping, which offers multiple advantages over traditional hot torch cutting and hand grinding:

  • A machined weld prep contributes significantly to weld quality and saves valuable man-hours
  • Wachs DynaPrep split frames simultaneously cut and bevel, no additional processes required
  • No HAZ heat affected zone created to weaken the base material, no torch hot permits required
  • Eliminates the particulate inhalation risk related to hand grinding
  • Delivers precise, repeatable results, with consistent lands and better fit ups
  • Produces complex prep profiles such as J preps required by automated welding systems