Application Reports

Application Reports are Case Studies and News from Wachs relating to interesting or difficult applications of our products and the industries we serve.  Also look here for new product introductions, new or unusual machining procedures and other topics.

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LDSF on Steam Generator Replacement

Volume 3: Issue 2  Westinghouse was awarded the contract for a steam generator replacement (SGR) project at a Candu nuclear facility in Argentina. E.H. Wachs was selected as their cutting technology partner, utilizing our newest and largest LDSF split frame on the 108" (2743mm) nominal OD steam drum. The project scope included heavy wall parting, compond beveling and deep 12" (305mm) counterboring within a small operating envelope on a out of round SG.

Heavy Wall Machining on Main Steam Header

Volume 3: Issue 1  Prior to installation of replacement main steam headers, E.H. Wachs LCSF low clearance split frame and EP 424 end prep were selected for the critical task of severing the pressure plug, and counterboring and J prep beveling the 4.78" (121.4mm) heavy wall outlet. Designed to withstand pressures up to 5,000 psi, steam headers utilize heavy wall pipe. Since 1883, customers have trusted Wachs for machines related to steam power generation.

LCSF Custom Mounting on Elliptical Vessel

Volume 2: Issue 2  E.H. Wachs LCSF low clearance split frames are ideal machines for heat exchanger repair, precisely cutting and beveling while preserving the expensive outer vessel. At times a split frame can appear impossible to mount due to obstructions or, as in Praxair’s Ecorse, Michigan facility, a curved semi-elliptical head. We say never say never - bring your toughest machining challenges.

Trepanning with LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame

Volume 2: Issue 1  During renovation of the Lake Erie Works facility, replacement jam doors were fabricated that required drilling of bearing pockets used for the hinge mechanisms. Aecon Industrial partnered with E.H. Wachs and Wachs Canada to machine these pockets onsite, rather than drilling them pre or post fabrication. This is preferred to achieve the exact size and position of the pockets for a precise door fit. In another trepanning application Nova Scotia Power looked to Wachs Canada to create an 8" (203mm) circular opening on an 18" (DN 450) heavy wall steam pipe.

Valve Turners, Exercisers, Operators Used to Prevent Injury

Volume 1: Issue 7  Turning valves and valve handwheels is an important job for professionals charged with maintaining pipeline infrastructure. An organization can have hundreds or even thousands of valves that must be controlled, or in some industries “exercised”, the process of running a valve through its full cycle to prevent sticking, freezing or tuberculation. The Whiting Clean Energy Combined Cycle Cogeneration Facility in Whiting, Indiana sought to prevent employee injuries by acquiring Wachs handheld RS-2 pneumatic valve operators for this task.

Weld Excavation, Crown and Socket Weld Removal

Volume 1: Issue 6  Various failures can occur in welds during construction or maintenance of critical piping systems, prompting the removal or “excavation” of the filler weld material down to the root pass. This operation is indicated when destructive cutting and replacement is undesirable, and where the original connection must be maintained. In power generation and other industries weld crowns may require machining to meet in service inspection regulations or surface finish and profile requirements. Likewise when sockets are involved and no sacrifice to the pipe...

Flange Facing with EP 424 End Prep and LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames

Volume 1: Issue 5 Facing flanges is a vital part of plant maintenance. To rehabilitate a flange requires machining (facing) the flange mating surfaces to prevent leaks when reassembled. E.H. Wachs offers a wide range of I.D. and O.D. mounted machine tools that are multipurpose, able to face flanges as well as cut, bevel, single point and counterbore, offering much greater versatility than ordinary single purpose facers.

The Ins and Outs of Casing Cutting

Volume 1 : Issue 4 Downtime on an unproductive well is measured in thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, and if safety concerns or environmental damage are involved these lost dollars are the least of an engineer’s worries. Companies are constantly challenged to limit expensive, unproductive downtime when installing or repairing production casing.

Shutdown Cooler Removal with Low Clearance Split Frame

Volume 1: Issue 3  Removal of the shutdown coolers required cutting their feed connections. Due to the extremely tight clearances, special mounting legs were used to mount an LCSF low clearance split frame to the nozzle elbows prior to parting. After removal, accessing the internal tube bundles required sectioning of the reusable end cap from the shell and removal of a large flanged connection. Finally, the outer shell was sectioned axially to expose the tube bundles for servicing. Reassembly required a weld prep bevel on the end cap and outer shell

Thread removal with Ultra Compact Split Frame

Volume 1: Issue 2  E.H. Wachs experience in onsite machining with split frames has led to the Ultra Compact Split Frame, our newest and smallest line. Built with jewel-like precision the UCSF proves that good things come in small packages. Specially designed for minimal axial and radial clearances, they include low clearance self centering collets for ease of setup.