ATC Air Treatment Caddy

Air Treatment Caddy

E.H. Wachs Air Treatment Caddy (ATC) is designed to safeguard your investment in pneumatic powered tools. The ATC includes an air filter, lubricator and air regulator components designed to dry and filter the air supply and lubricate the air motor and machine components.

Includes air regulator to control pressure spikes. Recommended for all air motors lacking integrated lubrication, also used to help dry air supply to minimize air motor freezing. E.H. Wachs recommends the use of Kilfrost Pneumatic Anti-Freeze lubricant in high humidity or freezing environments.

  • Filters to dry and clean particulates from air supply
  • Adds lubricating oil automatically to air supply
  • Air regulator controls damaging air pressure spikes
  • Includes hose whip for ease in connecting
  • Caddy stand to keep unit upright for proper operation
  • Built in carrying handle


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