ACM Air Control Module with Remote Control and Trip

For MDSF, SDSF, EP 424, SDB/FF, and LCSF

E.H. Wachs Air Control Module (ACM) is two accessories in one, an ATM Air Treatment Module that regulates and conditions the incoming air supply to protect valuable air motors, and a remote control device that allows the operator the freedom to move away from the machine. The ACM allows operators to cut and bevel pipe up to 4.8 m (16 feet) away, significantly reducing fatigue while moving the operator a safer distance from the workpiece, important in highly restricted or potentially hazardous environments.

The ACM with Remote Trip includes a DynaPrep MDSF specific remote control pneumatic trip mechanism that allows full control of the machining process, allowing the operator to control the air motor speed plus engage and disengage the tooling advance.

The ACM operates solely on compressed air, and does not require any external power. Everything needed to quickly set up and start operating remotely is contained inside the case. The ACM uses “Chicago” style air fittings for our split frame and end prep machines, and includes the required adapters to control the SDSF and other machines that use a smaller air connector. For use with “no control handle” style air motors.


  • All air design, with no other power source required
  • Compact, self contained; controls and hoses go in the strong, watertight case
  • Lockable case with wheels and telescoping handle for easy transport
  • Lightweight, ergonomic remote for operator comfort
  • 1.8 m (6 foot) remote umbilical provides the operator unencumbered movement and optimum positioning
  • Pressure regulator locks at desired pressure; 116 psi (8 BAR) maximum setting
  • Dual unit pressure gauge for quick visual confirmation of supply pressure
  • Durable 3m (10 foot) 3/4in (19mm) air line with Chicago style fittings


  • Lockable shut-off for supply isolation
  • Pressure relief system
  • Shut-off vents trapped system pressure
  • Emergency stop shuts off and dumps air motor supply
  • Operator reset required following main pressure failure or emergency stop activation, preventing dangerous movement

Standard Equipment

  • Integrated control module
  • 1.8 m (6ft) remote cord
  • 3 m (10ft) air hose
  • Remote hand controller
  • MDSF pnuematic remote control trip assembly
  • Heavy Duty Transport/Storage Case
  • Operating Instructions


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