Weld Coupon Station Deluxe

Weld Coupon Station Basic

E.H. Wachs Weld Coupon Station is a self contained tool designed for machining weld preps onto ordinary pre-cut pipe sections, creating weld ready coupons. Wachs Coupon Station will machine virtually any prep including bevels, compound bevels and J-preps on carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and aluminum pipe and tubing.

This deluxe model includes the optional mandrel assembly to counterbore from 2.75” to 6.63” I.D. (69.9 – 168.4mm). It’s capable of handling all common coupon sizes up to “Super Coupons” with 2.75” O.D. (69.9mm) and 5/8” wall (15.9mm) and up to a 6” (DN150) schedule 80.


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