Wachs Electric HD Drive 110V with remote pendant

E.H. Wachs Electric HD drive motor system builds on proven technology to create a uniquely compact and powerful electric drive option for powering select DynaPrep MDSF Split Frames and EP 424 End Prep machine tools. Wachs Electric HD is smooth, quiet, and efficient, packing a large amount of power in a relatively compact design.

Remote Control

Beginning with a powerful 2.2Kw motor, Wachs adds remote control capability to all versions via a handheld pendant. The remote pendant features a 6ft (1.8 meter) cable that puts a dead man switch, motor speed control and emergency stop in the palm of your hand. The pendant is direct wired to the motor without the need for auxiliary components for increased portability. A more sophisticated version of the Wachs Electric HD adds a controller for remote electronic trip actuation for the DynaPrep MDSF, allowing the user a fully remote control experience for pipe cutting, beveling and flange facing.

System Features

The motor housing includes a high/low gear range, motor direction and on/off switch. They are engineered to produce full power running on a 20 Amp circuit, and come complete with the appropriate plug end– just plug it in and begin machining. All models are equipped with Wachs strong and convenient tool-free drive connection system. This system utilizes a rugged 6B splined output shaft coupled with a face gear mounting surface to create the industry’s fastest and strongest drive motor connection.

  • Remote Control Pendant
  • Pendant Controls: Dead Man Switch, Motor Speed Control, Emergency Stop
  • Motor Housing Controls: High/Low Gear Range, Motor Direction, On/Off Switch
  • 10ft (3m) Power Cord
  • 6ft (1.8m) Remote Cord

Cutting and Beveling Capacity

  • Carbon steel – up to 3/4in (19mm) wall thickness (double trip)
    up to 1-1/4in (32mm) wall thickness (single trip)
  • Alloy steels – wall thickness reduction, lower speeds recommended

Capacity Flange Facing

  • All materials, no reduction in capabilities


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