DynaPrep MDSF Weld Crown Removal Module

E.H. Wachs WCR Weld Crown Removal module for the DynaPrep MDSF provides a low clearance solution for removing pipe weld crowns, in the field or fab shop. This module attaches to the DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame without any modifications needed. The WCR module advances the tooling axially as the MDSF, serving as the drive platform, rotates radially.

With a 3.75in ((95mm) tooling stroke and a 2.5in (63mm) slide mounting stroke, the WCR offers up to a total of 6.25in (158mm) of axial stroke, large enough for even the widest weld crown. The module can be positioned radially at any of six mounting positions, giving a radial mounting range of 3in (76mm) for maximum versatility.

Wachs WCR is built tough to handle extreme machining forces, even at its full stroke extension. Easy and fast to setup and operate, it requires only the same two hand tools as the MDSF.  It’s designed to accept standard Wachs DuoEdge tooling that offers a low cost per cut due to its long life multi-edge tooling inserts. The WCR tooling insert holder offers two different mounting locations for maximum versatility. The WCR features Rapid Adjust to manually advance or retract the cutting head, and uses the MDSF standard trip and starwheel advance that requires no indexing.