SDSF Axial Socket Weld Removal Pneumatic Kit

SDSF on Blue Background

Air powered SDSF Axial feed Socket Weld Removal kit complete with 1" (25.4MM) and 2" (50.8mm) SDSF frame assemblies. Utilizes the pneumatic powered SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame as the machine foundation.

Includes 1" (25.4MM) and 2" (50.8mm) SDSF frame assemblies, 1" and 2" axial feed socket weld removal tool slides, aluminum collets for .5" (12.7mm), .75" (19mm), 1" (25.4mm), 1.25" (31.8mm) and 2" (50.8mm) pipe, clamp foot and extension leg kit for 2" frame, air drive motor, spare fastener kit, operating hand tools, manual and storage case.


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