SDE Servo Drive LCSF 380-480V

Wachs Servo Drive Electric

Wachs Servo Drive Electric (SDE) is a high powered, smooth and efficient electric drive system that’s an alternative to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic drives for larger machine tools. Compact and highly portable, the Servo Drive Electric utilizes a maintenance free, moisture and dust resistant AC high inertia brushless servo motor. 

Wachs Servo Drive is a complete system that includes the drive motor, power controller and remote control pendant. It’s powerful - the standard 3.8 kW servo motor produces the equivalent of 5 hp, greater than the typical hydraulic 4 hp motor or pneumatic 2.5hp drive motor. Highly efficient, it eliminates the energy loss inherent in converting electric power to pneumatic or hydraulic power, then to mechanical energy.

Available as a rental only, its offered in a choice of 3 voltages. The SDE is designed to run Wachs MDSF split frame model 814 and larger, EP 424 Form Tool and EP 424 Single Point models. It eliminates the risk of hydraulic oil spills and airborne pnuematic drive contamination, and is nearly silent in operation. 



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