Wachs Servo Drive Electric

Wachs Electric HD Drive Remote Pendant

Wachs Servo Drive Electric (SDE) Part No. 69-5460-00 is a self-contained, compact electric drive system for field portable machine tools that’s an alternative to traditional pneumatic and hydraulic drives. Lightweight and easily transportable, Wachs SDE system is powerful enough for most machining applications typically encountered in the field. This powerful, professional grade electric drive motor requires 380V-480V (3 Phase) 50Hz-60Hz on 15-20 amp service.

Developed to world class standards, the SDE is ideal for use in critical applications where the risk of air or hydraulic fluid contamination cannot be tolerated.Servo motors are well suited to industrial applications where quiet operation, precision, speed, and accurate power are required. Wachs Servo Drive Electric provides high operating torque throughout its full speed range, and is designed to drive Wachs DynaPrep MDSF (Medium Diameter Split Frame) plus EP 424 end prep machine tools (with optional adapter).


Servo drive electric motors combine high efficiency and high power output relative to their size. Unlike pneumatic air motors, they deliver consistently high operating torque throughout their full speed range. Wachs SDE drive motor is a smooth running AC synchronous brushless type for highly accurate control of speed and torque. Highly efficient, it eliminates the energy loss inherent in converting electric power to pneumatic or hydraulic, while requiring less hardware.

Wachs Servo Drive Electric is a complete system that includes the servo drive motor, an AC power supply/controller, and a remote control pendant. Weighing less than 40 lbs (18.5 kg) the AC power supply/controller is housed in a small, rugged reinforced case sealed to IP65 moisture and dust resistance standards. The servo electric motor utilizes a quick release handle for tool free mounting and removal.  Wachs unique face plate design allows orientation of the servo drive motor in multiple directions.


  • Servo drive electric motor assembly with face plate for mounting to MDSF pinion housing
  • Power supply/controller with on/off switch, electronic display panel
  • Handheld control pendant with start/stop, speed control, and emergency e-stop buttons
  • Electric power cable, standard 12 foot (3.7 meter) length
  • Heavy duty custom Pelican style storage/shipping case


System Function: Servo Drive Electric system for E.H. Wachs DynaPrep Model 208 and larger, plus EP 424 End Prep machine tools

Servo Drive Motor: Powder coated AC servo electric motor with aluminum housing and steel gear box, high voltage, current spike and over temperature protected. Output speed/ range infinitely variable 0-90 RPM, 15 ft (4.6 meter) cable length

Power Supply/Controller: Compact enclosure with thermostatically controlled fan cooling, top mount display, tool free connections, moisture and dust resistant to IP65. 12 foot (3.7 meter) power cord, cord ships without wall receptacle, user installation required

Handheld Pendant Construction: Black thermal housing with stop/start, e-stop, motor speed control & hold-to-run trigger, 12 foot (3.7 meter) cable

Power Requirements: 380V-480V (3 Phase) 50Hz-60Hz on 15-20 Amp Service

Part Number: Servo Drive Electric (SDE) 69-5460-00

Options: Optional drive adapter (81-180-00) for mounting to EP 424


Manual Datasheet