Model D Electric Saw

Guillotine® Super C Electric Saw

Super C 110V Electric drive reciprocating pipe saw with blade, storage case, operating hand tools and manual. Available by special order only, cuts solids, multi-stranded casing strings and nested materials from 2" to 12" (DN50-300 or 5 to 30 cm) with choice of horizontal or vertical mounting.

E.H. Wachs family of portable Guillotine pipe saws are designed to cold cut 2in - 32in (DN 50-800) pipe, as well as solids such as bar stock, rails and beams. Their compact design and easy setup make it the ideal saw for contractors, pipeline operations, refineries, petrochemical and processing plants and anywhere a fast, safe cut is needed.

In use virtually everywhere, Wachs Guillotine reciprocating saws are strong yet light, simple to mount, simple to operate and simply bulletproof. It’s no wonder that when pipe saws are first mentioned, the “Wachs Saw” is mentioned first.


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