SDE Servo Drive EP 424 380-480V

SDE Servo Drive EP 424 380-480V

E.H. Wachs Servo Drive Electric (SDE) is a high powered, smooth and efficient electric drive system for the EP 424 Form Tool and EP 424 Single Point end prep machine tools. Compact and highly portable, the Servo Drive Electric utilizes a maintenance free, moisture and dust resistant AC high inertia brushless servo motor.

Wachs Servo Drive is a complete system that includes the drive motor, power controller and remote control pendant. It’s powerful - the standard 3.8 kW servo motor products the equivalent of 5 hp, greater than the typical hydraulic 4 hp motor or pneumatic 2.5hp drive motor. This model is designed to autoline 30 amp service 50/60Hz 3 phase 380-480V.  Contact a Wachs product specialist for additional details on power requirements.

The heart of the SDE is the power controller. Featuring the Baldor Flex Drive System with its powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) core, it’s designed to vary the power delivered to the servo motor while automatically maintaining the desired torque and rotational speed.

A major advantage of the SDE is a torque curve that remains virtually flat at all rotational speeds, unlike traditional air motors where torque diminishes as speed increases.

Wachs SDE is able to produce peak torque at very low speeds, allowing the operator to set the ideal cutting speed without concerns for tool stalling or chattering. Easy to transport, easy to install, easy to control and nearly silent in operation, the SDE offers the ultimate in operator control and productivity.



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