P-2 Valve Operator

P-2 Valve Operator

E.H. Wachs P-2 (Pow-R-Drive 2) handheld valve operator is the ideal solution for organizations dealing with critical valves of any sort, from fire prevention in refineries to petrochemical professionals. It’s the perfect machine for operation of PIV (Post Indicator Valves). The P-2 valve operator offers increased productivity, operator safety and valve protection.

Wachs Pow-R-Drive 2 incorporates a 1in (25.4mm) square drive hub, allowing interface with standard 1in (25.4mm) square telescoping and non-telescoping valve keys or P-2 Handheld Operator drive sockets.

It’s compact size and light weight make it the perfect tool for hard to reach valves, valve turning/exercising and fast shut downs, delivering controlled power. The P-2 Valve Operator is available as both a standard high speed HS model and high torque HT model for difficult valves in electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive. An optional universal handwheel adapter allows the P-2 Valve Operator to operate non-rising stem handwheels.


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